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We can provide while-you-wait MOTs on prior arrangement. Our well-appointed viewing area has a good selection of magazines and refreshments. Alternatively, there are good circular walks along the river or over Salisbury plain.

Diagnostics and fault diagnosis

Our scanning equipment and software can interface with all makes and models facilitating quick diagnosis and remedy of faulty equipment. Sometimes all that is needed is to clear a fault code which has been thrown up by a software glitch. In that case we simply charge half an hour’s labour.

Routine service and maintenance

You are entitled under EC law to have your vehicle serviced by an independent garage. We have computerised access to the service schedules for all modern vehicles and can service to the same standard as franchised main dealers at significantly discounted labour rates. Where there is an applicable warranty period we can supply genuine OEM parts. For vehicles outside the manufacturer’s warranty we recommend branded OEM specification parts from leading suppliers at more competitive cost.

Air conditioning service

The majority of issues with modern air conditioning systems stem from gradual refrigerant loss. This is compounded by a lack of use over winter months and the hardening of rubber seals in the system. We have the latest technology for recharging and internally lubricating these systems to restore air-tight sealing which is often the only work which is required. If further work is required the machine will help us diagnose the cause.

Tyres and tracking

We have invested in the state of the art computerised balancing equipment and will match any genuine quote from the local area for new tyres, from reputable budget options to high performance tyres. We frequently have to change tyres which customers tell us were fitted in the last couple of years which have suffered from premature wear as a result of incorrect tracking and alignment. Wherever we see uneven or premature we recommend our laser tracking and alignment service as a sensible investment to prolong the life of your new tyres. Not only will you get better tyre life and MPG but you will be amazed at how the feel of your vehicle is transformed.

Bodywork and trimming services

We carry out all welding and structural bodywork preparation in house and outsource final paintwork to a small number of paintwork specialists with whom we have established relationships. From minor dings to full bodywork restorations we can provide a competitive service independently to, or combined with, other work on your vehicle. We also have established relationships with trimmers and veneering companies who meet our own high standards for classic vehicles.

Car sales and sourcing

With extensive contacts in both the modern and classic sides of the trade we can help you find your next previously owned vehicle, sell your existing one, or both. We also provide storage and transportation services for classic vehicles.